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Our TV ad for your viewing pleasure

Our TV advert, which was associated with the Plan van Aksie home makeover show on VIA TV, was a project that we were very proud of. Yes it was simple, no bells and whistles, just a lovely young lady painting a cupboard while a soothing voiceover speaks about the Hamilton's brand and products.

It was exactly what we wanted for our debut TV ad - to remind people about our brand and share the most pertinent information about what we stand for and what we offer.

And the message is simple, don't waste your hard-earned money (or cut into your profit margin) by applying expensive paint with cheap brushware. That is why we are recommended by paint manufacturers - they know that their products only deliver if applied with a top-quality brush or roller.

Check it out (in Engels of Afrikaans)

English version

Afrikaans version

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